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Text Box: By Lynn L. Martin
I enjoyed the most unusual wedding shoot of my career in Maui, in the Hawaiian Islands. The couple was Kristi Odom and Travis Jones of Arizona. The pair has been out on their own for quite awhile and simply wanted to elope to Hawaii and have a simple wedding with no hoopla. However, they did have one priority, they wanted great wedding pictures.
Getting great wedding pictures on an elopement is much harder than you might think. 
I have seen numerous "included in the wedding package" photos from Las Vegas and Hawaii. In Vegas, they are simply line-em-up shoot'em scenes. Too often zero consideration has been given to head-height-relationships if there are family members or wedding party present. I often see photos where the ankles are cut off. The one's I've seen from Hawaii are deemed to be a success if either a beach or ocean is the background. That gets pretty boring very quickly.
Usually the photographer is the spouse or significant-other of the minister performing the ceremony. Indeed, on my trip back home, I ran into a couple who had been married on Tuesday in Hawaii. They told me, "Our minister was a lady, the photographer was her husband, and the videographer was her son."
I showed them some of the photo scenes on my laptop computer that I had taken at my Thursday wedding. Their jaws dropped, with comments like, "Oh my goodness, we didn't get anything like this."
How are great pictures done?
I want to explain that I do not believe I am conceited when it comes to "great" photography. I explain to my couples it is merely the product of hard work and if you want to go do the hard work with me, we'll get great pictures. Four or five hours at a wedding and reception rarely produce great photos. Even in routine Oklahoma weddings we often have 20 hours invested (counting travel).
If a competent portrait or wedding photographer shows up in Alva, and is not familiar with the location of beautiful backgrounds, neat backyards, or scenes of pattern and texture, that photographer will flounder for awhile until they spend a few days learning the town.
That's what I faced in Maui. A beautiful island, but I didn't know where the good stuff was. I arrived on Tuesday, my

About Us

Lynn Martin had a ten year photographic career in the State of Missouri before moving to Oklahoma in1969. While in Missouri, Lynn worked as a photographer/writer in the public relations department of the Jewish Hospital of St. Louis.

Since the hospital was a “teaching” hospital, surgeons soon asked Lynn to provide operating room close-up images for their classes. This experience helped broaden Lynn’s experience in the field of “commercial” photography.

Because of the large Jewish community, Lynn soon learned the customs of Jewish weddings, which were far different than the Christian weddings he had photographed for many years.

In his last year in Missouri,  Lynn was named “Wedding Photographer of the Year” by the Missouri Professional Photographers Association.”

Lynn’s photographic education was obtained at the Winona School of Photography operated by the Professional Photographers of America when it was located in Winona Lake, Indiana. He has earned eight national merit print awards from the Professional Photographers of America.

Before moving to Oklahoma, Lynn studied, but did not complete degrees in Electrical Engineering at UMR and Radio-TV journalism at UMC.

Lynn and his wife moved to Alva, Oklahoma to purchase the radio station which they operated for 20 years. During that time, Lynn continued his photographic work, opening a store front studio in 1972

Lynn also completed his college degree in Alva with a bachelors degree in psychology, with minors in computer science and math. Lynn is a licensed pilot with over 3000 hours as pilot in command.

With his own aircraft, Lynn not only provides aerial photography services, but uses it to travel to photograph weddings for discerning couples around the nation.

Lynn Martin Photography has now photographed over 4000 weddings. The studio in Alva generally operates with two other full-time employees and two part time employees.

The studio is in the top 10% of customers in business volume at the largest color lab in the nation.

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This couple a day before the wedding and a day after the wedding so we could REALLY make use of Maui for great wedding pictures.


Travis and I love all of the pictures you took of our wedding. We are absolutely thrilled that you came with us and we would not change a thing either.  I am excited to order some larger pictures. 


Our lives have been a bit crazy as I am working full time (again:)) and Travis and I are in the midst of relocating to Oklahoma with in the next few months.  Everyone I have shown our wedding book to was just amazed at what a wonderful job you did. 


Travis and I know for sure that we HAD to have YOU as our photographer and we are honored and blessed to have our wedding captured by you. Thank you. 


I would love to hear the audio from the ceremony and I sure hope it does turn out.  Let us know and we would love to order a copy from you.




Kristie & Travis Jones