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Aerial Photography

Oil well fire.College sports complex.Fine residence.Train wreck north of Kiowa, KS

Aerial photographs of train wrecks, floods, and other large events are useful for news organizations. The photo below was used

By three TV stations and the Associated


Oil site work for drilling company.

At left is a sample of the 10 x 8 inch book you receive of your aerial photo session. There are typically 10-12 images in the book.

The total price is $489 plus tax per site. This includes the aircraft, pilot, photographer and the 10 x 8 book of images. Fuel costs of $100 are included.


If your site is further away, you will incur the extra fuel costs.

Farm auction.

Above is a farm auction in progress. A 16 x 20 of this will show the excellent attendance which could be useful for a sales brochure for the auctioneer.

Our studio does oblique (at an angle) aerial photography.


Be aware we need to work on a bright sunshiny day.

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Print Pricing Below

Map showing target of aerial photography.

You must fax or email us a guide like this map. Legal descriptions mean nothing from the air; highway signs are not readable from the air.


On farm shoots, a map describing a “yellow brick house, facing north, with a blue metal building to the west and a pond to the east, located six miles west and two north of Alva, OK., will likely help us shoot the right scene.


GPS Coordinates are also good.

It is smarter to order a WIDE format print for aerials. An 8 x 12 is wider format than an 8 x 10, for example. A 16 x 20 is very square.

10 x 8 hard cover aerial proof albumBill Johnson Correctional CenterTerra Plant in Woodward, OK

BJCC Correctional Center

Terra Plant—Woodward

Farm Auction

Print Size

Anti-UV Fading Spray

High Gloss Lamination

Matte Lamination

20 x 40




20 x 30




10 x 15




8 x 12