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Church and Large Group Pictures

College Hill Church of Christ singing school class.Zion Lutheran Church 100th anniversary Portrait

Zion Lutheran 100th Anniversary in Alva, OK

Prison GED graduating class

We like the fact that in most of our group work, we print a left to right ID of all participants within

the group. Above is a church group, at right is a prison graduation group.

Friends church 100th Anniversary Group

100th Anniversary of the Friends Church in Alva, OK

Church of Christ membership pic.

Below, College Hill church of Christ Entire Congregation

School room group

Please notice our even lighting across the middle school group, below.

Cost is a minimum order of 20—8 x 10’s ($15 each) and

mileage expense. Lift truck supplied by church group.

Family reunion Group

Another way of handling cost is the $100 flat fee method. We will take as many groups of families as possible in a 60 minute period. Many family reunions are handled in this manner. We do charge $20 extra on any sitting for Sunday sessions.

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