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Graduation Announcements

Our color 5 x 7 announcements come with envelopes and are less expensive than similar size prints from a large chain’s photo  lab.

Thomas, OK high school graduate.

Think about it.   School sold announcements are all “cookie cutter” alike; they are not personalized except for a little name card you have to buy separately. Then most people add a wallet print that probably costs $1.00 each. Thus, our price of $1.50 per announcement (with a MUCH larger picture) is a great deal. Most schools want you to buy theirs because they make a nice profit on them.

What fun toys!

There is a composition fee of $15 for typesetting and proofing. Add $5 for each additional image you use. The two at the bottom of the page are single image prints. The rest are multiple image.

Football action graduation announcements are very popular.

We told one Waynoka college senior, “For every one of these you send out, you’ll get a $20 bill in return.”

Later, we saw her and she said, “Lynn, you were wrong. I got $50 bills instead.”

College graduation announcement of former studio employee.We find that red on red always looks great.

$1.50 for










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