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Head Shots

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Headshot photographers are concentrated in New York City and Los Angeles. Compare our work  to their web sites. We believe our work Is superior and usually at much lower cost.

Tips for a Better Headshot

First and foremost, the headshot needs to look like you. The purpose of a headshot is to get hired because you offer a “certain” look the agency or the casting director is seeking.


If you change your hairstyle, or gain or lose weight, you should go with the flow and change your headshot. It is will do you zero good if you are called in for an interview because of the headshot you submitted, and the agent has to do a double or triple take to make sure you are the same person as in the glossy.


The main thing is to avoid a “boring” head shot.  The “artistic” quality (how you look) is more important than the type of paper on which the headshot is printed.


Be careful and do not foul up by submitting your headshot on 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Use the standard photographic size of 8 x 10. For decades, the filing systems, filing folders and headshot books have been created with 8 x 10 inch images in mind. If your print sticks out on all edges, it might get you noticed, but likely in a negative way.

Clothing and Accessories

1. Bring both types of shirts: some with a collar and some without.

2. Bring several tops from which to choose. Probably no more than six.

3. Avoid sleeveless shirts. (In the wedding portion of our business, we’re driven crazy by bride’s who  have snow-white upper arms and wear a sleeveless dress.)

4. Pure white clothing is usually dangerous. If you are very skinny, it’ll work.

5. Solids are always best.

6. It’s cheaper to bring in clothes that are clean; and that are pressed, than to pay us to retouch.

7. If you are wearing earrings, try not to choose something that distracts from your face. Usually smaller is better.

8. Bring a lint brush and hair spray.

9. Oh, PLEASE get plenty of sleep the night before. PLEASE show up rested so your eyes sparkle!


Head shots are usually very low cost prints, typically around $1 each. Some are printed by a “litho” process and typically are $80 per hundred. Actual glossy black and white photo prints are usually $1.00 or so in hundred quantities. Because we are mainly a high quality portrait studio, we do not have equipment on site that makes prints in that price range.  So we will provide you the name and price structure of a fine lab in Chicago, below,  and you can handle your own print ordering. The one exception is we can print very attractive COLOR headshots, like the one above, on our solid ink Xerox Phaser printer, at a price of 100 prints for $100.

National Photo Imaging Prices (800) 211-7978

Shipping will cost $12-$20 depending upon the weight of the order.

Our Method

We will take a terrific head shot for you, allocating an hour of time. Expect to see at least 50 images.


We will provide you with a CD with all images at low resolution suitable for email or web publishing.  In addition, you’ll receive a color laser index print of all images. Our session fee for this is $90.00.


Also, in that price, we will provide a CD with one high resolution image that you may send to National Photo (or print yourself) for the prints. Each additional high resolution image you order from us will be $27.00.


If you would like us to “lay out” and “proof” your headshot sheet, we will do so for $25.00. National Photo charges a “prep fee” of $35 for black and white and $40 for color. So we can save you money on that.


We will provide a limited copyright release so you may re-order for you own use at will in the quantity you need. We think this is the “fairest” way to handle headshot reorders.

Makeup and Hairstyle

Several local make up artists and hair stylists cooperate with our studio to provide these services. Figure a cost of $50 per “look” that you desire. We find their “corrective” makeup work to be superb. You must let us know in advance if you desire these services.


You may bring one helper with you to the photo session. It is best if they are not a girlfriend or boyfriend as they tend to be either too critical or not objective.


A deposit of $50 is required, with full payment by cash or credit card due at the end of the session.

8 x 10’s

12 Prints

25 Prints

50 Prints

100 Prints

250 Prints