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HotShots $49.95 to $69.95

The celebrities aren’t the only ones who can look gorgeous.

Irritated at your guy looking at other women on the web or in magazines? Could be you need to give him a substitute!

Classic Black and White Glamour Look

$69.95 includes hair style and makeup work

Classic color glamour.

One of these sessions runs 1.5 hours, and can include both indoor and outdoor scenes. The session can include professional hair styling and make up application.

Her guy is a fireman.Fun black on silver outdoors.Slim and BeautifulThe wild animal look.

Most people do Hotshots as a way to reward themselves (like losing 50 lbs or losing a bad husband or retaining a good one).

Beautifully sexy, yet modest.Blonde on white.Same lady as in fireman picture.Make him appreciate you.Blue goes well with blonde.

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