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Large Print Senior High Composites

Most of these end up in mom or dadís office. These are large prints, measuring either 10 x 40 inches or 15 x 40 inches. The price is $169 and $189 respectively. We see composites like these at large city studios at $350ó$500. Our lower price is a major advantage of doing business with a smaller town studio.

10 x 40 inch composite of tremendous high school girl athlete now playing for major college.A wonderful collection of the same girl growing up through Brownie and Girl Scouts.

These composites are delicious. They can depict a lifetime of history, such as the Girl Scout composite on the left; or a great athletic career, such as the one above. The senior girl below is a huge fan of the Beatles. We also create many composites that include images of the senior as a small child in the background. The foreground image is the senior as an adult.

The high school senior girl is a fan of the Beatles, although they were popular before she was born.Stunning composite of four images at rustic location found by Senior.

Itís also fun to create a composite of a senior simply looking GREAT!

This Anthony, KS senior composited with her youthful pictures.