Grandpa drives an OK HWY Patrol Car.Us business types have to wind-down now and then.

Lil’ Darlin’ Photography

Why did you take my clothes? I am modest?See how high I can jump?When I'm 18, I'm going to get even with my Mom for this!This is one of the three Lil Darlin winners last year.Where are the big bucks us showgirls get?Mom had a great idea for a prop. Now, let's eat it.


Pricing Below

In June of each year, the Lil’ Darlin’ Contest is held at the studio. We can routinely expect kids from the Dallas area, Colorado and other adjoining states to participate.


Why would parents drive six hours for a photo session? Well, more than likely they grew up here and are going to visit relatives. But, there is no sitting fee, and the resulting images are great!


We shoot indoor or outdoor choices, but the parent has the responsibility of dreaming up and bringing neat props. It is a blast to see what people bring in.


The only money obligation is to purchase three 8 x 10 units for a total of $39.95 plus tax.

Other than the month of June, when the Lil’ Darlin’ Contest is held, a sitting fee of $19.95 is charged. For that you receive a half-hour of shooting time and you may change your child’s clothes as much as the child will tolerate (We notice that three changes is the absolute limit before the child screams and yells. Two changes is smarter.) Add $5 for each additional child included for group work.

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The annual June Lil’ Darlin’ package is for three 8 x 10 sheets for $39.95. These sheets may be configured as follows: 1-8x10, or 2-5x7’s, or 4-4x5’s or 8 wallets.


A session is 12 exposures. You may double the number of images we take for $10.00.

Click here to see and print out Lil’ Darlin’ entry form.


Bring it with you filled out to turn in at start of  session.

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