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Modeling Portfolios

The Modeling Portfolio business is often one of the “scam businesses” in Photography. Frequently we hear of people paying $700—$900 to their modeling school for a poorly taken folio. Our price is only $2 per shot, plus a $50 base fee. So if we shoot 100 images you’re out $250.00. We will print an 8 x 10 six-image per page portfolio for only $2.00 per image. A much larger 10 x 13 portfolio is only $4.00 per image. In either case, our prices are much lower and the quality much higher than the “modeling school portfolios.’

Great eyes.

We charge a far more realistic base fee of $50. That’ll get you started with 20 images. If you want to shoot more, Say  100 images, add $2 per shot.


So a 120 shot session would cost $50 plus $200 for a total of $250 plus tax.

This fellow is now an opera star.

An entire album of all the images in an Art Leather binder is $2 per image. So if we took 120 images, that

portfolio set will be $240. You may skip that and purchase single prints instead.

Actually, taken in her senior photo shoot. She has the right look of a model.Black on white.Head shot for modeling portfolioMany little girls participate in pageants. Photos are part of the competition.Taken for his modeling portfolio.Outdoor portraits with a Corvette are always good.

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