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Some women seem to be embarrassed about their pregnancy and wouldn’t dream of seeking out a photo session. Others, particularly when encouraged by their men, enjoy the woman’s “glow” when she is pregnant. One woman told us, “It is easier to show him a picture than be pregnant all the time.”

Two here and one on the way.The cover of a copyrighted book by Mary Ann Halpin.

The book “Pregnant Goddesshood” by photographer Mary Ann Halpin was featured on NBC’s Today Show. Each page in the book is made up of a single photograph of a pregnant woman in a costume, usually related to hers or her husband’s job. This book has inspired many couples to seek out a photographer capable of creating images of the beauty of Motherhood.

Our prego pictures are often a lot of fun.This pose is based on an idea from the above book.

We are not showing you very many examples on this page because we observe our customer’s requests on

confidentiality. These people have given us permission to show their photos.

The cost of a prego session varies from $50 to $100 depending upon length and the number of shots requested. A pre-session meeting is a good idea to plan the style of photography desired.