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Lynn Martin Photography


Our restoration skills are top notch. Look how we created a pageant winning queen picture that someone forgot to take.

A demonstration of how we re-created a missed photograph.

Momís snapshot was the only shot taken with the flowers and the winnerís ribbon draped. Momís shot was in color. We just donít happen to have it now.

We cropped out the ex-boyfriend and rebuilt the left side of the body.

By pure luck, an employee of our photo studio was in the Miss Oklahoma pageant that year. We used her shot to borrow some ďpageantĒ looking lights.

After erasing Kasey, we copied the remaining lights, and then flipped them so as to create a balanced background for the Washington, DC area customer.

The completed queen picture reconstruction.

Hereís the finished work which makes up for a missed ďOnce in a lifetime kind of shot. We have created images for missing wedding shots and missing family members in group photos.

No restoration needed. Just a good copy job.Young lady in rocking chair with retouching complete.The damage missed the face, thank goodness.The work of old time photographers is often remarkable.This is the damage we repaired.The finished restoration converted to sepia tone.

The above is the original. A close-up below reveals the serious damage that was present throughout the original print.

Below, is our finished restoration.

The above close-up shows the emulsion paper tear across the girlís face. Below, we have repaired and reprinted the image.

The pageant restoration work costs about $150.00.

An estimate is needed for each job, but the two samples on this page were about $60 each.