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School Day and Yearbook Service Items

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These are actual school day photos  No special models or special sessions.

Day of Graduation Formals

Middle School Graduation girl.Middle School Graduation Boy

Typically used for middle school graduations. Here’s a low cost $10 package that beats many studio sittings in look.

Nobody comes close to our school day picture packages. Most national firms use fake pull down window shade backgrounds that are supposed to look “outdoors.” They always look fake. We actually shoot outdoors. Worse, the big chains let beginning photographers practice on small school elementary students. When we handle your school, you get our BEST photographers.

The members of the show choir each paid $20 to have a composite made as a gift tot heir teacher.Our panels are printed in one sheet. No paste up pictures that can peel off as the years go by.We strive fora new panel design each year.Receiving diploma.

At right, the vocal music composite was a gift to the instructor.

Above and at right, our high school senior panels are stunning. At a price of $20 per head, we’ll shoot a 4 image sitting of each participant. This covers the design and printing of the panel to hang in the school.

Finally, a great solution as to what to do with the souvenir graduation tassel. Below is an 11 x 14 picture, matte, and space to display the tassel.

A homecoming crowing composite.A wondeful keepsake of an entire graduating class.Basketball action taken for a yearbook.

Homecoming or Graduation Composites are part of our school service offerings.

We provide great sports action photos for the yearbook.

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