Monocolor.Nice to be this buff.Black and white with skin tone.Unfortunately, the train prop traveled on.Whitney in black and white.Cessna 182

We fly to Events Nationwide

Lynn Martin Photography

We have five senior portrait plans. One is where we come to your town. The others are where you come to our town.

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A Great Female Athlete now playing BB  at OSU.Didge City, KS SeniorThe Grand PianoA Tree climber.Don't mess with BridgetteWho needs weightlifting exercise when you play this.Dog and Keeper

A Four-Hour Senior Portrait Session in Your Town—$395

Or Three-Hour Session ($150), Two-Hour Session ($100)

One-Hour Session ($50), or 5 Minute Session ($20).

When we come to your town, you select the locations and backgrounds important to you. The senior at left was photographed laying on a glass topped table in a patio behind a home.

Usually you cannot bring all your friends to a photo studio, especially if it is out-of-town. At right, this senior was able to schedule her six best friends in a buddy shot.

The senior at left invited his hunting buddy classmates to the family farm. By us providing four hours of time, and by coming to the farm, he was able to get these very special senior pictures that would have been impossible inside a studio or very difficult at an out of town studio.

We travel to your place without mileage charge in a 150 mile radius of our studio. That is a vast area ranging from Oklahoma City to Salina, KS. From Liberal, KS to Wellington, KS. The family photo at right with all the horses would not have been possible except we traveled to their town and their farm.

Outdoor senior photo in a backyard in Alva which we commonly use.On top of a monument in downtown AlvaSenior and his hunting buddiesTaken on family farm.Senior in hammock in her family's backyard

Want style? The senior on the left followed our suggestion to show us magazine clipping photo ideas. The hammock photo was taken in her parent’s back yard and is identical to the magazine photo idea she gave us.

Taken laying on grandma and grandpa's pool tableTaken in grandparent's backyard

The senior on the left chose to have some of her photos taken at grandma’s house. The left photo was taken on top of a family room pool table.

The near photo was taken in grandma’s backyard in another hammock.

Taken in the school art room.Taken in high school weight room

The senior pictured on both sides of this text was able to arrange for access to the high school for special photos. At left, is the high school weight room, and at right, the high school art room.

This senior drives this rig for his dad.Taken on family farm

Both of the shots of the senior at right were taken on the family farm. He drives a big rig for his dad who is in the construction business.

Miss Rodeo Teen Oklahoma - Lauren

The girl at left was laying on a picnic table in a back yard. The photo session was so effective that she traveled to NYC trying out for modeling jobs using our work as a modeling portfolio.

Taken in Oklahoma City in Bricktown

The senior at left had us travel to the southern most limits of our shooting area—Oklahoma City. He wanted a shot on grandpa’s motorcycle with the Brick Town Ball Park as a back drop. He then used the photo as a graduation announcement.

Senior boy by windowlight

The portrait at right was taken in an empty house listed “For Sale.” The senior’s mother was friends with the realtor and easily gained access to a classic home. We only charge $350 for a four hour senior session in your town. You can select as many locations as you can fit into four hours. This is an incredible bargain. Most wedding photographers charge $800 for a four hour wedding coverage when they travel to a community.



Charlie's Angels are still alive outdoors behind our studio.

I felt very privileged to photograph “Charlie’s Angels” in a famous poster pose. When we come to your town for senior pictures, it is easy to include your friends. Be aware we do not split the four-hour session between two seniors.

Senior in hunting garb with his dogSenior and his dog at Kiowa, KS

We photograph many boy and dog portraits. The one above left was made into a senior Thank you card to send to friends in thanks for graduation presents.

We only photograph 4—four hour senior sessions per week. That’s only 16 per month. So these fill up very quickly. You must send the entire sitting fee in at the time you reserve your date. At that time, we will send you a packet with ideas for choosing shooting locations in your town. You may change shooting dates without penalty if a new date is available.


However, the sitting fee is never refunded. Some seniors play musical chairs in deciding on a senor photographer. We have so few sessions available, we cannot participate in that.

We do not count photos. There are unlimited shots in four hours.

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