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High School & College Graduation Thank You Cards

Our color 4 x 5 thank you cards come in two styles: a folded thank you card, printed on card

stock which permits you to write a thank you message on the inside. Twenty cards and envelopes are $15.00. Or, you could send a single sided 4 x 5 color photo thank you card. (Same as our Christmas cards).


These are priced at 25 cards and

envelopes for $32.95. Extras at

the same time are $1 each.

Thank you card for senior boy.Senior girl thank you card.

Besides showing good manners, sending a thank you card is smart. If the women in my family send

a gift, they would be miffed and think of you as ungrateful if you don’t send a thank you card after

receiving it.  Indeed, if you write a gracious thank you card, they usually are so impressed they’ll

think of you fondly when gifts are appropriate on

another day.


Sorry fellas, but the above is a fact of life you need to know!

Thank you card for skilled female senior athlete.The mom took the background image. We took the foreground image.The mom took the background image. We took the foreground image and combined them.

If you use a simple photo with the words “Thank you” on it, there will be no composition charge.

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