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Video Productions and Slide Shows

Lynn Martin Photography has created low-end video productions since 1982.  A project which a large video production house might charge $15,000 might be produced by us at $1,500. Our projects have included many TV commercials used on cable systems.

Cover from a DVD created for a local church program.

We have made videos which are shown at corporate conventions. We have also created “sales” videos which are mailed directly to potential customers or for salesman use. Of course, our three-camera wedding videos are extremely popular.

Cover image for DVD for company employee meeting.

With the invention of the Mini-DV format, which is a surprisingly high quality format, sometimes knowledgeable end-users can shoot some or all of their original footage. Then we will edit and title it and burn it to DVD or VHS tape.


Be aware that knowledge of good lighting techniques and microphone placement is necessary. If lip-synched sound is needed, then we should probably shoot the original video.

Cover image for DVD with wedding still photos.Cover for DVD demonstrating farm equipment.