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Video Transfers of VHS, Beta, and Mini-DV to DVD

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A leading consumer testing magazine reports that the average VHS tape will last 13 years. After that, the tape grows brittle and will easily break or flake off emulsion.

Model holding DVD blanks and VHS tape.

Also, Beta is gone, and many manufacturers and retailers have dropped VHS decks. Let us transfer your valuable family videos to DVD. Only $20.00 per DVD. We’ll make a neat custom cover as part of the deal.

Alva High School season on one DVD.A gift for a player who graduated about 15 years ago.VHS Tapes grow brittle. A VHS tape was transferred to this DVD.

 These are covers from actual jobs we have done.

Denise will get me for this one.A transfer from VHS to DVD.Family VHS transfer to DVD. Cute family.