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Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

Thousands of people will see your anniversary announcement in the newspaper. Let us keep you looking young. $19.95 for ten exposures. Most couples will let us shoot both indoor and outdoor poses in the same session.

An invitation to an anniversary celebration using the original wedidng photo.

Our photo invitations to your anniversary celebration are valued by the  recipient. You may use a “wedding” photo like this, or one of our recent photos. Typically $1.50 each in 100 quantity.

An image taken for the newspaper announcement.An image taken for a newspaper announcement.

For only $100, we will photograph your celebration.

A large family group.School teacher career.Quilt making on display.

If the reception is at 2 p.m., we recommend starting pictures at 1 p.m. Once guests arrive, group photos are almost

impossible to arrange.


We’ll take as many images as we can in the one hour session. Usually we go home with at least 60 exposures.


We take individual family groups and then the large family group. Then we roam around and capture images of all the mementoes on display.



A small album with all images

is only $2 per image. A huge


At a price of only $100 for the event, if we travel out of our county there will be a travel charge.

Anniversary couple and cake.Family picture at anniversary.Cherokee, OK anniversary.