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Wedding Photography

Lynn Martin Photography travels to photograph weddings in Kansas and Oklahoma without mileage charge. Rates to other states are merely travel costs plus $200 per day. The studio owns an airplane and will frequently use it to travel to weddings. Because rural America wedding photography prices are low, many people can save a ton of money by paying our per diem, our travel costs, and our basic package. For example, we see equivalent skilled photographers charging $8000 for a wedding package in a large city. Even with our travel costs, our coverage could be 1/4 to 1/2 that. Check us out.

South Fork, Colorado wedding shoot.White on white bridal photo in Enid, OK

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What a great car in which to leave the wedding.We've used photo on our proofing site home page.Huge 400 guest wedding reception setup in Wichita, KS.Pre-wedding shot in Oklahoma City.A nice un-stiff family portrait for a wedding in Enid, OK.Wedding recessional at out door wedding in Ponca City, OKThis was chosen as a cover picture for an Enid, OK newspaper bridal section.Series of pictures from South Fork, Colorado wedding.

Below, an outdoor wedding we flew to in Colorado.

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Wedding photos from Wichita, KS wedding.

A Wichita, KS Wedding